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WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO is vital for any business looking to increase its organic traffic.


WordPress is responsible for almost 40% of the internet. More than 400 million people visit a WordPress website each and every day. Over 600 new WordPress sites are created daily, and the CMS is available in almost 60 languages.

It’s safe to say that WordPress is the workhorse of the internet.

It’s also safe to say that WordPress SEO can have a massive impact on your business.

Therefore, your WordPress website must be set up correctly and give Google, Bing, and all other search engines the information needed to improve your organic traffic. 

SEO that increases your organic traffic – and more

what can it do

What can a good SEO strategy do for your website and your business?

Increased traffic

When your WordPress site is optimised for Google and based on an effective keyword strategy, Google will position your site higher in the search results. When your site appears higher in Google, your site will get clicked on more. This ultimately means more visitors to your site.

More brand awareness

Another benefit of ranking high in Google is that more people will discover your brand. As your page starts to appear higher in search results, more people will turn to your website to provide them with the information or the product they’re searching for. More people know your brand, and as you start to rank for more and more keywords, people then begin to trust your brand and pay more attention to it.

More ad impressions

Monetising traffic in native and reactive ads is a common way for many WordPress sites to generate revenue. For sites that don’t have products, like news sites, industry sites and general blogs, advertisements bring in a large chunk of revenue. When your WordPress site is optimised for SEO, you’ll benefit from more traffic and more ad impressions and ad clicks.

More sales

More sales are what helps keep your business heading in the right direction at the end of the day. Traffic, brand awareness and other metrics are nice, but healthy leads and sales are essential. When you work with Rank Higher Agency, we spend the time to get to know your brand. We’ll learn how it operates and how organic traffic can help improve your bottom line. From here, we’re able to discover the most effective WordPress SEO services and tailor them to your business.

WordPress SEO for blogging

The medium of blogging is a potent way to take your ideas to the world, build a business, or create an online database of valuable information.

Simply put, blogging has changed the way that we communicate. Blogging has given amateur hobbyists the attention that professionals spending their entire career in a field could only dream of.

But to get your blog and its ideas shared with the world, creative writers must invest in the SEO performance of their WordPress website. The skills required to be a creative writer and blogger are entirely different from those needed to create and optimise a WordPress website. Therefore, investing in SEO services is a move that will help your blog and all its creative content get the traffic and the notoriety it deserves.

wordpress seo for bloging

Ecommerce and WordPress SEO Services

WordPress and its ecommerce cart plugin, WooCommerce, make it easy to turn any blog into a complete ecommerce store.

But turning your WordPress website into a WooCommerce store can create lots of problems. And a lot of these problems leave Google trusting your site a lot less than it did when it was a simple blog. It’s common for many WordPress sites to see a significant drop in organic traffic after launching some type of shopping cart plugin. That’s because many shopping cart plugins like WooCommerce have many features that aren’t always used. As your store is now set up to make money from paying customers, any unused features create security risks and send negative signals to Google about your site.

These signals can do damage to your organic traffic, meaning fewer visitors to your site and ultimately fewer sales in your new online store.

seo quality

Our specialists know how to create a WordPress Ecommerce store from the ground up or add a shopping cart plugin to your existing WordPress website without sending Google any of those negative signals. 

But optimising the way Google crawls your ecommerce store, you can be sure that your product pages, categories and all other content that supports your products are indexed by Google and rank as high as possible.

Site speed for WordPress SEO

Google will place your website higher in the search rankings if your site gives people what it wants.

You can have the most effective keyword strategy, powerful backlinks, well-written content and the perfect site layout – but that won’t mean anything if your site loads slowly. 

Suppose your website takes too long to load and give people the information they’re searching for. In that case, your positioning in the search results will suffer. Your site will therefore drop in the rankings and not get the traffic it deserves.

But there’s more to WordPress and SEO and site speed than finding a good host.

seo traffic boost

Making sure that images are the right size is crucial. It’s also imperative that your ‘TTFB’ or ‘Time to first byte’ is as quick as possible. Lazy loading is another feature that can improve site speed but can wreak havoc on your website’s experience if not implemented correctly and consistently.

That’s why it’s essential to use experienced developers to implement SEO changes to improve your site speed. Rank Higher Agency’s specialists have their tried and tested solutions to improve the site speed and loading times of even the biggest, most data-rich websites.

WordPress SEO services for site structure

WordPress is the go-to solution for so many websites because of its ease of use. It’s effortless to set up, but it can be incredibly complex to fine-tune to improve your SEO performance.

And site structure is one of those areas.

Whether you’re an ecommerce store with hundreds of products or a blog with dozens of articles listed over dozens of articles, site structure plays an important role. That’s because Google crawls and indexes your site the same way that a user can experience it.

Suppose it takes too many clicks for a user to get from one of your product pages to your return information. In that case, Google will not trust you as much as it could – simply because you’re making it hard for your user to get the information they need. Similarly, you can have a well-written article, but if it’s placed in an unoptimised category and buried deep in your blog, Google simply will not see it and give you the traffic it deserves.

seo structure

The SEO specialists at Rank Higher Agency know how to create the site structure and hierarchy of your WordPress site for Google to prefer it over your competitors.

Dynamic internal linking, pagination and keyword-based categories are just some of the ways that our specialist can ensure that your website is structured and laid out to give both your users and Google the best possible experience. 

WordPress SEO Services for mobile sites

It’s widely known that Google will always index the mobile version of your site before the desktop version. So while we all work on desktop computers and use them to create websites, Google doesn’t actually look at the desktop version until it’s looked at your mobile version.

So if your WordPress site isn’t optimised for mobile traffic, your site will suffer and drop in the search results. By using mobile-first themes or tailoring your existing theme to be mobile-friendly, the Rank Higher Agency SEO specialists can help you create a healthy, mobile-first WordPress site. Features like AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) tell Google that your WordPress site isn’t just mobile-friendly but built from the ground up specifically for mobile devices.

SEO Positioning – Rank Higher Agency

The overall result will mean more traffic to your site as you’re placed higher in Google’s search results, but also more traffic from both mobile and desktop devices.

Custom SEO Services

At Rank Higher Agency, we have a wide range of SEO services. Do you need a dedicated WordPress SEO expert? Done. Whether it’s growth stratedy for your new blog or ecommerce store, white label SEO services or ongoing technical SEO work, our specialists have the skills and experience you need.

We provide you with the most effective SEO services by taking the time to understand your company, how it makes money, and how organic traffic can make the difference that your business needs.

To find out more about working with Rank Higher Agency for any type of SEO service, please reach out to us!

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