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What if we told you that you could increase traffic to your website by up to 40%?

Sounds interesting? Our SEO and digital marketing agency assures you that your Birmingham-based business can achieve this. We will provide you with a wide range of SEO services, thanks to which you will be able to develop your online business. Furthermore, our SEO services will open up new opportunities for you to increase sales and revenues by ensuring visibility in the Google search engine, thanks to which you will reach Internet users from your target audience who are searching for your services or products. In other words, you will get the opportunity to interest new potential customers in your offer.

There is no doubt that you can only achieve online success by implementing the right SEO tools and activities. Therefore, your development online depends on whether you use the services of an experienced SEO agency that will become your essential business partner. A professional SEO service provider will guarantee access to the highest quality SEO audits, white label SEO, international SEO, or WordPress SEO. These are the essential elements that you should implement to increase the competitiveness of your business and increase quality traffic from Google to your website.

We have been operating in the SEO market for over 20 years now. At that time, our SEO agency was trusted by many companies from various industries and sectors of the economy. We have completed over 1,000 SEO projects for our clients. You can also trust us that we will prepare and execute a comprehensive SEO campaign tailored to your needs and the specifics of your business. In less than six months, our clients notice an average 38% increase in traffic on Google. By cooperating with us, you can be a part of that success!

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Birmingham SEO services

If your company is based in Birmingham and you are looking for a professional SEO agency that knows the characteristics of the British market and knows what challenges local companies are confronted with – you’ve come to the right place. Many years of SEO work resulted in comprehensive knowledge and experience from which you can benefit to develop your business successfully.

Our Birmingham SEO agency had the opportunity to work with companies from many industries, such as entertainment, energy, consulting. Our SEO services are used by public companies, SMEs, large enterprises, and international corporations. The variety of projects has enabled us to learn about individual industries’ needs and develop adequate, comprehensive SEO solutions. Thanks to this, we provide our clients with services tailored to their individual needs and requirements. Our mission and goal are to generate more quality traffic from Google so that you can effectively reach people interested in your products or services. By undertaking cooperation, we always set specific and measurable goals to which we strive, so that our clients can enjoy the achieved results.

Let us introduce you to the scope of our SEO services in Birmingham to see how we work and ensure you that the result of our activities is the success of our clients.

SEO – search engine optimization

Let’s imagine such a situation: you now have the most beautiful website in the world, but its traffic is disappointing. Logically, you want to fix this problem. SEO can help you vitally. SEO is the art of optimizing a website for search engines to get more organic traffic. The most important search engines are Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Google has a clear leading position in many countries. The exceptions comprise China (Baidu) and Russia (Yandex). However, no matter what search engine you want to grow in, we will help you!

SEO will allow you to position the pages of your website according to your business specificity, your products, or your services. In other words, the positioning will get you qualified traffic. How can this be achieved? The first thing you need to do is understand how search engines work.

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When you search for something on the Internet, the algorithm works non-stop to offer you what the search engine deems the most relevant result. For example, Google uses its bots to analyze indexing of several billion results and websites to find the results that will provide you with the best information regarding your query. Google assesses websites based on as many as 200 different factors. Understanding how search engines work – knowing these 200 criteria – looking for the latest updates or filters that can affect your website positioning is the real job SEO experts do to make your website trustworthy and appear high in search engine results.

In our specialist SEO agency, the first steps we take always concern making changes to your website. First, we focus on the website’s code, parameters, and content. Then, after the website has been optimized for Google requirements, we proceed to further actions. For example, we regularly enrich the website with engaging content and place publications on external websites with high PA (page authority) rates. That is a link-building strategy thanks to which we get high-quality internal and external links leading to your domain.

2020 was a breakthrough in the SEO industry. During that time, Google launched a new set of rules called CWV (core web vitals), introducing user experience as a valid positioning factor. In addition, CWV indicators also measure the loading time, interactivity of a website, and stability of its visual content. What’s more, the visibility of your website on Google depends mainly on the user experience, which means that it is necessary to adapt the website to mobile devices by the principle of mobile-first indexing.

As you can see, SEO is a highly complex field. However, as a leading SEO agency, we constantly expand our SEO knowledge and acquire new skills to stay up to speed with Google’s guidelines and algorithms. As a result, among our services, you will not encounter outdated techniques that, instead of promoting your website, could harm it (for example, keyword stuffing). For years, we’ve been helping various companies be successful in such a dynamic environment, and hundreds of successful campaigns attest to the fact that you can trust us.

White label SEO Birmingham

Are you running a company or digital marketing agency based in Birmingham and would like to support your clients with SEO, but you don’t have enough resources? Then, Rank Higher Agency has a special offer for you, thanks to which you can supplement your offer with the highest quality SEO services.

We know how vital comprehensive service is for your clients. They wish all marketing activities to be concentrated in the hands of one partner who will provide them with support in PR, copywriting, graphic design, and take care of Google Ads and SEO.

By choosing to use our white label SEO services for Birmingham companies, you can provide comprehensive service to your clients without the need to incur high costs or spend time acquiring new skills. We have knowledge and resources that you can use, and your client will not even find out that there is an external entity that performs the actual work.

We operate flexibly. If you wish, we can only communicate with you, or we will take responsibility for contacting your client via the e-mail address in your domain. In our operation, we focus on transparency and trust. We will not use complicated industry jargon during conversations with your clients. We care about a clear message. Moreover, you can be sure that if you decide to use our white label services, you will regularly receive detailed reports presenting the results that you can confidently deliver to your clients.

If your company is based in Birmingham or provides services there, please get in touch! Agencies cooperating with us are precious business partners, to whom we provide solid results. We will be happy to get to know your firm and your clients, and then our Birmingham SEO agency experts will develop the appropriate strategy so that your clients receive the best SEO services, thanks to which you will gain their trust and loyalty.

Birmingham SEO audits

This service is about carrying out an SEO audit of your website. The audit, which is divided into several large sections, allows you to evaluate the actions that need to be taken to optimize SEO as much as possible. Every business in Birmingham is unique and deserves an adequate SEO strategy.

During an SEO audit, we first analyze the industry you operate in and its competitiveness. Then we go to the verification of the website itself, during which we check its speed, responsiveness, and friendliness for mobile devices and focus our attention on user experiences (UX). In the case of online stores, we also verify the speed and intuitiveness of the purchasing process. When conducting an audit, we also check whether the website has a blog and what kind of content is on it. We also go beyond the website itself and verify profiles on social media. Do you think that’s a lot? We guarantee that this is just only part of our thorough audit.

As you can probably guess, we need time to perform the audit. However, you can be sure that the result will be satisfactory for you. Thanks to hundreds of conducted audits, we know what to verify and how to do it well. Therefore, we will provide you with valuable knowledge, thanks to which creating an effective SEO strategy will not be a problem.

Technical SEO Birmingham

Technical positioning is the first leverage for Google organic SEO and visibility online. When done right, technical SEO ensures that all the technical elements of your website are working, and search engine bots will browse your website and index it effectively.

Website architecture is one of the technical foundations of SEO. It’s all about optimizing the way pages are organized and prioritized. Web architecture directly impacts navigation, user experience, and thus, SEO itself. In addition, our technical SEO includes taking care of the website’s security (including SSL certificates and secure payment methods). We will also take care of the website loading speed, improve responsiveness and adapt it to be fully mobile-friendly. Of course, this is not the end of our work. An essential part of technical SEO is structuring your website with HTML tags. Thanks to them, we show Google robots the internal configuration of the website, and with the help of meta titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, or extended fragments, we help the search engine better index the website.

These practices not only allow you to gain a better position on search engine results pages. Thanks to them, your website can stay there for much longer. In addition, an adequately prepared website and content marketing strategy will help improve SEO statistics. Thanks to this, the position of your website in the search engine will be only stronger.

Many marketers lack technical SEO skills, but our SEO company certainly does not! If you are looking for an effective and professional search engine optimization agency for your Birmingham-based business, you can be sure that you have just found the best one. We don’t focus on coding or debugging software. Optimization is our job, and this is what we concentrate on to ensure your website is top-performing and perfectly positioned.


International SEO Birmingham

International SEO is a potent tool. The international market is booming. Therefore, your company’s global competitiveness requires a multilingual SEO strategy. If you want to go out with your business outside Birmingham or even Great Britain and conquer international markets thanks to SEO, with our help, you can do just that!

Our SEO agency has branches in three countries; in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Poland. Thanks to this international structure, we constantly follow and apply search engine optimization best practices in every corner of the world. International positioning is a fundamental step for any company that wants to enter foreign markets and boost its growth potential. Whether your company already has a multilingual website, our specialized multilingual SEO agency can support you in growing your business outside of Birmingham and the UK in Europe and North America.

There is no doubt that you cannot start international expansion without creating the appropriate language version of your website. When starting a business in a specific market, it is essential to communicate in the local language. In the case of SEO, this includes the provision of content, customer service, and marketing materials in the target language.

Contact us today and start your business internationally. We offer a comprehensive approach to global search engine optimization and ensure that your company will be equipped with all the necessary elements to create a multilingual SEO strategy.

E-commerce Birmingham SEO

SEO is an essential sourcing channel for online sellers who are by definition highly dependent on their online visibility. However, salespeople often have doubts: By what means can this be achieved? What essential criteria should be considered? And what good practices should be implemented? If you run an online store in Birmingham, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us answer these questions and implement search engine optimization best practices for your e-commerce business.

The great potential of SEO for e-commerce lies in the possibility of placing a lot of content on the site, a large number of subpages, and access to numerous visual materials (such as product photos or videos). That makes every e-commerce website an absolute mine of links and excellent material for an SEO specialist to work with.

However, there is no doubt that SEO for the e-commerce industry requires a lot of effort and experience. After all, you have to deal with fierce competition in the online sales market. Other e-stores are not passive, and every day they take a series of actions to stay ahead of you.

SEO for e-commerce is essential, especially when consumers have experienced just how convenient and comfortable online shopping can be. To become an integral part of this market, you need a reliable SEO audit and constant online store optimization. And that’s why we’re here!

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After the audit, we will proceed with using several specialized techniques. These include selecting keywords, adding metadata, naming images appropriately (alt tags), adding alternate features to images, and linking relevant keywords. In addition, your e-commerce SEO campaign should be designed to outsmart your competition, so we also research your competitors’ websites and their SEO strategies. Finally, we analyze and check how we can improve your search engine results, by paying attention to other SEO-related factors, such as well-written content, linking, and enhancing navigation to improve the website user experience.

We believe that our words convinced you that it is worth cooperating with us. Our SEO agency consultants are at your disposal. Send us an inquiry using the form below, and we will contact you as soon as possible. You can trust our SEO knowledge and watch your long-term success from the side because of high organic visibility and the growth of online store’s organic traffic.

WordPress SEO services Birmingham

WordPress is one of the most prominent CMS market leaders. According to statistical data, over 455 million websites currently use this solution. WordPress is appreciated all over the world due to, among other things, its SEO friendliness. Furthermore, the powerful and infinitely customizable CMS makes it very easy to create presentation sites and high-quality blogs. And thanks to many available plugins, it can be perfectly optimized for Google requirements.

WordPress site SEO optimization, however, requires a lot of technical, structural, and editorial steps. Don’t worry; we have extensive experience in this field, and if you have a WordPress website, you can entrust its positioning to us and be sure that it will be in the best hands. We work with this platform every day and optimize websites built with it by publishing new quality content or configuring appropriate plugins, such as YoastSEO. In addition, we have implemented many SEO campaigns using WooCommerce (WordPress e-commerce platform). So if you have a website on WordPress or run an online store or business in Birmingham, contact us to find out what we can do for you.

Or maybe you are just planning to build a website based on WordPress? In that case, we also encourage you to contact us. Thanks to the collaboration started before the site went live, we can make all the necessary adjustments before it goes online.

Are you looking for custom SEO solutions?

Maybe you run a company in Birmingham, but you have not found the service you are interested in on this page? That’s why we wrote this section especially for you. We understand that each company has its individual and specific needs and, therefore, needs search engine optimization services adequate to its expectations. If this is the case with your business, please contact us. We will try to help you.

For over 20 years of operation, we have successfully helped many local businesses increase their website organic traffic and sales by increasing their visibility in search engines. Google, Yahoo, or Bing – we know them inside out. In our business, we focus on flexibility, so we can develop SEO strategies for you, which, in every respect, will be individually tailored to your business goals and the expected search engine results.

We strive to provide you with a full range of digital marketing services in one place. We guarantee that by cooperating with our SEO agency, you will find support and help solve any positioning and online marketing problems.

We are at your service! Drop us a line today!