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SEO case studies

Would you like to improve your SEO? Are you not sure what working with a professional agency really means for your business? Let’s take a look at our SEO cases to see what kind of results our client achieved.

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Marketing industry

Every occasion is good to emphasize the importance of an SEO audit. It’s a very first step toward improvement – although it’s not a one-time job. To keep up with the competitors, you should do it on a regular basis, and especially when you observe some decrease.

Let’s now look at our client, a group of marketing agencies. As we start cooperating, we check the status of their website and do all necessary steps. First of all, we get rid of tag subpages to take care of the crawl budget.  The client is happy – after 6 months there are almost three times as many words in Top10.

But then something happens and the numbers start to go down rapidly.  It can only mean one thing… The time for a new SEO audit has arrived! We roll up our sleeves and get to work. No worry, all the answers are right there, in the audit! Of course, our expertise comes in handy too.  We start working closely with web developers to create a whole new website which turns out to be a good idea – after a few months, the client doubles the results from before the ‘big drop’ and has three times more keywords than in the worst moment. Hurray!

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To get the best possible SEO results you usually have to use a combination of different actions. Naturally, you start from the most burning one, but it’s equally important to pay attention to other aspects.

Case study: one of our customers runs a marketing automation platform. At first, we decided to focus on content. We created the whole strategy, based on the strict cooperation between the client and us. We were providing guidelines, the client was responsible for having an article written, and then we stepped in again to add proper links.

It was working and the client could see the growth: 5 times more keywords in Top10 doesn’t sound too bad. But not for us! We saw the potential to get more. That’s why we decided to monitor another aspect of the website. We looked closely at the link juice, removed redirected internal links and HTTP 404. Thanks to that, we achieved an additional increase of 36% within the same month. Huzzah!

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Child care industry

Users are a fundamental part of your e-commerce – if they can easily find what they are looking for, they will come back and your business will thrive. That’s why user experience (UX) must be an important part of your strategy. Our next SEO case shows how improving UX will increase your sales.

One of our clients has a really cushy business – manufacturing toys for infants that are supposed to help them fall asleep. Nevertheless, the client comes to us with a problem: The website’s migration has gone wrong and the traffic is really poor. Hold our beer, we are starting to work on it in no time. Soon the situation looks a bit better but still not as good as we want. So, what now?

Keep holding that beer for one more second while we implement web core vitals and we focus on the end-users by changing UX on the product pages. What happens then? The traffic DOUBLES within two months and increases about 50 TIMES compared to the beginning of our cooperation! Now we can get that beer back, cheers!


Motor vehicle industry

Sometimes it takes time to observe the effects of your SEO strategy – but a good strategy will certainly bring you the results.

Let’s take a closer look at one of our cases.

The client, an automotive parts store, had a growth of 1,000 keywords in Top10 within 2 months. What was the secret of this growth?

  • We decided to implement a product schema, which significantly improved the site indexation.
  • Later on, we added category descriptions that were generated dynamically on the basis of some variables, such as product name or item’s identification number.

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