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SEO Audit

A complex overview of technical aspects of your website.

Would you risk traveling by car without being sure of its technical condition? Or would you venture into a new place without a map or any guidelines? Neither would we. Therefore, before even starting a process like web positioning, we recommend conducting an SEO audit of your website. This is an introductory element allowing you to get an overall idea of the visibility and readability of your website in search engine results. Thanks to it, we can spot elements that require improvement, as well as suggest the further direction of the website’s development.

SEO Audit

What is a website SEO audit?

A website SEO audit is the first step in the process of its positioning and optimization. This is an in-depth SEO analysis, presented in the form of a document, which contains information about the elements of your website that need to be improved to make your website rank higher in the search engine. Thanks to the audit, actions taken as part of SEO are implemented in a well-thought-out manner, based on specific data. But most of all the actions have a strictly defined goal – achieve high positions in search engine rankings.

Website positioning is a complex and time-consuming process. That’s why after a thorough analysis of your website, we will show you the elements that need improving or a complete change. We will present all the data in a form of an easy-to-read report and discuss it with you together. You will also get our recommendations and tips concerning further steps and the direction of the website’s development. This will allow us to establish a detailed and thoroughly analyzed plan for your website’s positioning process.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that an SEO audit is a one-time activity – which is why it’s often called passive SEO. By making changes described in it, you make your site more attractive for search engines. Optimization work should therefore be done in parallel with the active positioning – then the effects will be even more satisfactory.

SEO Audit

Who is an SEO audit for?

We believe that any business that cares about visibility on Google should start from a website audit. As a rule, it’s the base for starting the process of optimizing it. However, a detailed website analysis is useful for anyone who wants their website to rank higher in search results.

Among other situations where conducting an SEO audit will be the best solution, we can also mention the following:

  • Your page visibility drops or the site has not shown any bigger progress for a long time. An SEO audit can help you point out what’s causing this.
  • Your competitors are suddenly positioned higher in the search engine results. With a website audit, we will be able to check the point at which the number of visitors to the site dropped dramatically or when the site stopped showing up in the SERPs.
  • Crucial technical changes are done to your website. An SEO audit will provide information on the impact of these changes on any existing SEO efforts done before and the entire site optimization process.
  • You want to change an SEO agency you’ve been working with. A website analysis will verify that your chosen agency uses safe and effective methods of operation.
  • You don’t have time to follow the news from the SEO world and stay up to date with all the Google updates. With a website audit we will be able to assess which elements need to be adjusted to the current algorithm requirements.

You can also do an SEO audit periodically. This is certainly a convenient option for people who care about keeping up a previously reached position in the rankings.

Selecting the right keywords

Well-matched keywords make the process of auditing and positioning a website easier. In order to pick them out, we use specialized tools, analyze the competition and industry background, then check which phrases related to your business have the biggest search potential. We make a list of them and choose all the most relevant and valuable keywords.

Technical optimization of your website

We focus on examining how well the site is developed and checking that it is readable – both for its users and for Google’s various robots. Appropriate construction of correct and valuable texts, embedding them in the website, as well as introducing technical changes increase the credibility of the portal. As well as other factors that affect the evaluation of the site by its users – the intuitiveness of the site, its layout, or loading speed.

Determining the direction of the site’s development

At this stage, we show you the recommended direction of content development on your site or suggest its complete reconstruction. We analyze your competition, study the specifics of your industry, and create a strategy that is to help you decide on further optimization efforts. We also don’t leave you alone with implementing all the changes indicated in the SEO audit. We work with your website developers and also conduct a site reaudit after recommendations have been made. It allows us to check how our actions have improved the visibility of the website and changed its position in the rankings.

How does an SEO audit work?

An SEO audit is a document that is a result of our SEO specialist work. We will deliver it to you in a form of a clear report, to which you will have unlimited access. It’s true that a website audit doesn’t have the power in itself, but it is the basis for implementing advanced optimization actions. Without it, your attempts to gain high search engine ranks will be less measured and, as a result, also less effective.

Websites are made of many elements, such as metatags and URLs, that don’t take a lot of time or money to change, but have a huge impact on SEO and site visibility. Therefore, in the SEO audit prepared by us, we will point out to you all the parts of the website that you should pay special attention to. We’ll also tell you what you need to do to efficiently (and effectively) implement all of our audit recommendations.

Most of the optimizing work will be about creating content – product descriptions or blog articles – and publishing it in a certain way. In addition to the recommendations related to the content, a website audit will also provide you with information about the website’s technical condition. Thanks to this, you will gain ready material and guidelines for your web developer, who will be able to start implementing exact changes to the website.

However, if you’re worried that the optimization efforts you’ve put in place will harm your site, we’ll put your mind at ease. After implementing all recommendations from the SEO audit we provide, we will perform a website reaudit. Thanks to it, we will check how the implemented actions contributed to better visibility of your website and change its position in the SERPs.

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What does a website audit include?

There are a lot of factors that affect the visibility and position of your website – we’ve just learned that. However, there are certain areas in a website audit that are particularly taken under the magnifying glass. These would be:

  • indexation

    we check if the website is accessible for search engine robots;

  • XML and HTML site map

    we verify that these files are properly prepared;

  • title and metadata

    we analyze whether their length is appropriate, whether they contain keywords and whether there are no duplicates on the page;

  • navigation and sub-page structure

    including internal linking, which is extremely important for both search engine robots and users;

  • graphics and photos on the page

    we analyze their size, resolution, and the use of alt attributes, appropriate extensions or file names;

  • headings

    we check if they are properly placed and riched with keywords;

  • construction of URL addresses

    we check whether they have keywords and refer to the exact content of specific subpages;

  • keywords

    we analyze whether they were properly chosen for the specific industry (taking into account the number of searches, competitiveness and their potential);

  • content

    we examine whether it is unique, correct in terms of content and language, and valuable for the user;

  • duplicate content

    we check whether there is duplicated content on your website;

  • keyword cannibalisation

    we analyse whether subpages are not optimised for the same keywords;

  • external linking

    we study where the links referring to the page come from, and check their value.

When we conduct an SEO audit, we also analyze other factors that may affect how your website is perceived by its users. These will include site loading speed, its intuitiveness, adaptation to mobile devices, as well as 404 errors or unnecessary redirections.