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How To Improve Core Web Vitals And Keep Your Site Ranking

Are you trying to improve your Core Web Vitals after hearing that phrase mentioned elsewhere? Are you not sure exactly what it means, or are you perhaps worried that your site’s SEO performance will suffer due to something you don’t understand? Fear not. Core Web Vitals are three simple metrics...

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Blog SEO – tips for boosting your rank in SERPs

Blogs have been around the internet for over 20 years. However, their role has completely changed since the days they were a form of a public diary. Currently, blogs can be divided into those written by bloggers and companies. While writing a personal journal can be a goal itself, maintaining a company...

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How to rank your WordPress website?

WordPress is a very accessible and powerful CMS. Not surprisingly, it is very often used to build websites – including professional company websites and online stores, leaving other CMSs far behind. WordPress also makes SEO very easy, although of course, it won’t do it for us. So how can I do...

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How can my website be higher in SERPs?

Do you want your website to be higher in Google search engine results? Do you need handy solutions to boost the efforts done by your SEO agency or media house? Or maybe you want to lead the SEO process of your website yourself? We warn you that it will not be an easy, simple and pleasant thing to do....

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How to improve your website position in Google?

Create a user and robot friendly website Google’s primary task is to serve users with content that will fully meet their needs. Before you start working on the substantive and content layer of the website, first take care of the way it actually looks. Think about the structure and placement of...

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How to find reasons for your ranking drops and how to fix it

Every day we strive to increase the position of our website in the search engine. However, it happens that ranks, instead of getting higher, fall. What might be the reasons for all this? Whose fault is it? What should I do then? How can an SEO specialist help us? And above all: should we panic when our...

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