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Voice Search SEO: How to Optimize for the Future of Search

In the age of digital revolution, voice technology is becoming not only a tool to make everyday life easier, but also a key to success in the world of digital marketing. As mobile devices, smart speakers and voice assistants become an integral part of our daily lives, brands are wondering how to adapt...

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Why is Understanding Bot Traffic Important for Your Website?

In the vast digital landscape that encompasses the internet today, a myriad of interactions occur every second, many of which are not initiated by human users. Instead, they are driven by bots—automated scripts or programs that interact with servers and websites to perform various tasks. Bot traffic,...

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How to Optimize Google Maps listing

In today’s digitally driven world, having an optimized Google Maps listing is crucial for businesses to enhance their visibility, reach their target audience, and drive more foot traffic. Constant Contact, a leader in digital marketing solutions, offers valuable insights and strategies to help...

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Instagram SEO strategy & how does the search algorithm work?

Instagram has become one of the most popular and well-liked social media. It is easy to use, something for everyone, and it is free. But, of course, Instagram is used not only for personal reasons. It is also a powerful content marketing tool that every marketer should include in their campaigns. But...

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Facebook SEO strategy: how to optimize for search on Meta

When you think about search engine optimization, your thoughts probably revolve mainly around Google. However, the truth is that SEO refers to your Facebook page as well. There are two vital questions here: How to optimize your Facebook page so that it’s more SEO-friendly and how to take care of...

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CTR in Google organic results in 2023

Everyone who uses Google Ads and SEO in their digital marketing strategy should be highly interested in average click-through rates in this search engine, especially concerning organic results that typically get the highest CTR. The reason is obvious – your website’s high click-through rate directly...

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