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Check keyword position in Google – how to track your ranking?

You have been working hard on your website or blog and have read what feels like thousands of articles on search engine optimization. Yet you wonder: Is all of this hard work paying off? If you’re looking for how to check Google position, you’re in the right place. We will teach you everything on...

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Matt Malinowski’s Stack SEO

For a specialist, when it comes to work, good tools are half the battle. The other half is how they use them. A specialist can also be recognised by having his own set of tools, which he or she operates like no one else. What does my kit look like and why do I use it? I invite you to a quick presentation...

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11 tools for effective website analysis for SEO

What is an SEO audit? Before we talk about the importance of an SEO audit for the website functioning on the Internet and about the tools with which you can do so, we will answer the question of “what it actually is?”. SEO audit is important for the website position in the Internet. It’s one...

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6 Google tools that are good to use when improving your website

The process of making your own website is the basis of becoming present in your client’s awareness. From a different angle, the same website will not give us much if we will not effectively manage it. You need to analyze its traffic. The publishing of your website is the beginning of actions related...

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