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SEO: text accuracy and recommendations for creating a text

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We can recognize a good text by the fact that it’s specific, absorbing, and good-looking. Written with a simple language using which we can easily understand complicated things. However, if we want our article to be SEO effective – it has to have accurate keywords in it. We must follow language standards, but also SEO standards – search engine optimization. How to write a text which follows the rules of SEO?

Text length and Google ranking position

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding writing texts which align with SEO is its length. There is no one definite answer. It is important to know that Google more favorably promotes long texts than short ones. Most commonly it is assumed that the average number of symbols, which significantly improves the search results, is between 8000 to 12000.

However, it is not waffling in articles, just to get the right length of the text. However, if the text will be shorter and a lot more precise, filled with keywords and long-tail phrases, attracting the reader – it will work better. Not all topics can be written about a lot, and on other topics, you can write and write. But, it would be pointless to post such a long text on your website. These shorter texts may turn out to be more effective.

You have to ask yourself the question. Can you cover the topic deep enough in a short text so that the reader doesn’t have to look any further? Does the competition drain the topic and have very insightful and technically correct entries?

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Keywords in SEO texts

Asides from writing an essential text, one of the basic activities is to fill it with keywords. Keywords are words that the user types into the search engine in order to find content on a given topic. We can guess what the user should type in order to find our website. However, it is much better to use tools that will show us the popularity of a phrase in a given topic and choose one to three phrases based on which we will make our SEO strategy. How many times should we use them? It is said that the optimal usage of keywords is three times on every 1000 symbols. However, this is a tendency not specific instructions from Google.

When choosing the phrases, it is important to be aware that it will be difficult to position yourself on the most popular ones. If we are not moving and a niche or a very narrow specialization. To the rescue come here the long-tail phrases, which are different from the common ones in length and precision and the effectiveness of positioning. For example:

  • Generic phrase: running shoes
  • Long-tail phrase: women’s forest running shoes

The vast majority of users while searching for running shoes will enter the generic phrase and will then counter the best-positioned shops and services, with whom it is difficult to compute. If we will have a long tail phrase, the users which are looking for women’s forests running shoes (and not for the road or general ones) have a high probability to come to us. Of course, there are much fewer specific users. However, they are more defined in their needs and more leaning to a purchase Ann is only looking for a shop in which they can realize this purchase. Therefore, this is a two-edged blade however when used consciously and with planning, it helps greatly with positioning.

The most commonly asked question in this topic is “Should we conjugate the phrases?” the answer is yes. In the years 2015-2016 Google launched a system learning the conjugations of words, and full sentences, that’s why we can (and should) place phrases in the text in a way that makes them most natural.


Titles, mid titles, and metadata

A good text is legible and absorbing however to achieve this you don’t have to be greatly talented. It’s enough to take care of its structure. A long text should be divided into sections with mid titles and the sections themselves. Also, remember about paragraphs. It is good to assume that one paragraph uses up one thought.

Google robots analyzing the text check how the title of the text and its mid titles are coherent with waters in the paragraphs. It is easy to figure out that creating clickbait titles which in no way magic the text is quite risky. Because the text will exist in the short run however its position will quickly start falling.

A good method then is using the potential search questions as titles and mid titles and writing the paragraph in a way that it is an answer to the basic mid-title-based questions (as well as the primary question). If we can manage to put in keywords, then we can make Google robots that much happier.


The meta title and the meta description are respectively the title of the page and its short description (1-2 lines in grey), which we see in the search results.

Technical requirements of metadata are maximum of 60 signs for the title and a maximum of 160 signs for the description. When it comes to writing, we follow the same rules as with the titles and made titles. They should encourage the user to click or define the content of which the essential development you can find in the text. It is good to put keywords in it.

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Writing for Google or the reader

In the end, we should absorb the most important piece of advice regarding writing texts following the SEO standards. Primarily we write the text to satisfy the reader first – and after that Google comes second. Does this mean that the above advice is unimportant? No. On the contrary: these are suggestions from Google themselves, who have a user-friendly policy and “humane” positioning calculations, where the well-being of the user comes first.

 It is important to keep these rules in mind and follow them. Moreover, we can’t lose naturality, essential value, and the user’s attention during that process. Forgetting about placing keywords in texts is common. Don’t do it!  Keywords cause that the text will be positioned well because it will answer the important questions to the user. In turn, it will frequently get hits and be fully read. And that is your goal.


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