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How to write a good blog text?

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You can be certain of one thing: a well-written blog can easily translate into higher profits. It helps to build and strengthen the bronze image and create a community around it. From a business point of view call mom, there is only one conclusion regarding this: it is worthy to have a blog in every industry. We reveal a recipe for good and engaging texts.

 Find your own point of view

Currently, there is a lot of content produced about the same topic. You can find specialists from diets, books, or your image. If you want your blood to stand out in front of the competition, we should look for something that will make you different from other Internet creators. It can be a different point of view comma a way of presenting it or a specific form of language.

Define your target group  

If you will not know who your client is, you’re not going to be able to meet his needs. That’s It is very important to define your target group, the so-called marketing persona’s we intend to communicate with. You are going to completely differently select the content and way of the marketing message targeting 18-year old’s and people who are 50. We would write differently to women than to men.

Literally every detail – the job, gender, age or interests should influence your communication business strategy. The better you understand and know the client’s comma the easier it will be for you to communicate with him. Defining your target group helps not only with content creation but also with distribution channel selection.

 Universality of text

While working with content, try to make it as natural as possible. It will make distribution using different channels easier, which intern will improve your reach of a broader range of audiences. Natural texts, so-called Evergreen texts, you can adapt freely. There are the bases for blog posts, Facebook posts, or videos. Using differentiated forms of transmission, such as gifts, compositions, or infographics not only will give the communication character but also will strengthen and your position as an expert.

blog text for seo

 Remember about SEO

Blog articles have a great influence on SEO. Remember about using their keywords, selecting adequate headers, or using graphics.

Tags, titles, and descriptions are best to be made during writing the text and publish them parallel. This world makes them work for the benefit of your website from the beginning of its existence. To optimize texts to fit SEO we recommend the plug-in Yoast SEO. It is intuitive, and significantly improves the SEO text optimization.

Of course, you have to balance well the SEO and text quality. Everybody who reads a lot on the Internet nose how terribly saturated some content can be with key phrases. They lose a significant piece of quality and there is no pleasure in reading them.

Select the right title

First of all, the title has to be catchy. This determines whether the potential client will even read our text which we wrote, or if he will ignore it. Aside from this, it would be good if it would contain keywords.

The ones that do best contain questions or use numerals. It is also worth 2 specify the topic of the entry itself. This means not referring to a general situation but a specific one. Like for example below:

“How to effectively Lowe’s unnecessary kilograms well having Hashimoto?”

Not only do we advise how to lose weight, but we approach it in a specific context. That’s why on one side we limit the number of people who can be interested in our article, while on the other we clearly define the target audience.

Additionally, lists with the aforementioned numerals do a good job:

  • “Learn 11 ways how to lose unnecessary kilograms well having Hashimoto”
  •  “Here are 13 tricks thanks to which you will forget about unnecessary kilograms”

There is a chance that your attention caught the use of numbers such as 11 and 13 in the headers. This is not an accident. American scientists have proven that numbers that are rounded up, do a worse job in advisory content. And this lowers the number of people willing to read the article.

Bet on quality

Create texts which you would like to read yourself and from which you could learn something. Google algorithms deliver to user’s websites which potentially will meet their demands. The conclusion is simple: published content most have good theoretical knowledge and value and should meet the curiosity of clients.

The published text should have a clear division in two an introduction, the body, and an ending. A good practice is dividing the development of the text with mid titles. Increasing the number of spaces will make the text more legible.

seo quality

Experiment with the form

When publishing on your blog you should remember that there are many forms of articles that you can create. Experiment and look for such a form of message which will fit you the most. An interview, a magazine snippet, Q&A, or a case study – each of those forms will allow you to present the same Tom peg in a completely different way. If you not only describe a given product but also present its use of our application, you will encourage the client to purchase.

We presented here elements which in our opinion make the work on a text on blogs easier. However, we should warn you: this way will be long and tedious. In the beginning, you will probably fail. In addition to all of this, before we were fully satisfied with this text and ready to publish it we changed it a few times. We wish you good luck!

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