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Effective SEO tactics boosting the traffic

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Google Search Engine potential

If you want to be visible in SERPs and would like to make money thanks to our company, then just conducting an SEO audit doesn’t guarantee anything. It is merely the first step towards SEO – positioning of the optimization of the service matching the search engine. Google has enormous sales potential. 9 out of 10 consumers making the decision to purchase, look for the product online. They check everything. From herbal, organic teas, up to investment funds. This is why it is important to use the chance of having a properly optimized website. Therefore, for verification we will look at the statistics:

    • Google gets over 100 billion searches a month globally;
    • 61% of advertisers claims, that SEO increases their organic traffic and as a marketing priority;
    • Google makes up over 76% of all global search traffic;
    • Google changes the search algorithm around 500-600 times per year;
  • since you already know how necessary it is to use SEO, try one of our 9 tested techniques.

seo traffic boost

  1. Create new content

The best way to increase your organic traffic is by increasing the amount and the quality of the content posted. It is crucial that they contain the most important keywords. Check where you can add the new category pages, new blog posts commas. Remember about delivering interesting pieces of material such as pictures quizzes, etc.

A well-thought-through and applied content marketing campaign, based on interesting and understandable articles supports the positioning process. Longer text can be more saturated with key phrases. Adequate analysis and interesting contents increase the chance of involving the potential reader into a bond with the brand.

  1. Optimize the old content

Good practices monitoring of keywords for example using the tool Semstorm. You can find phrases that applied to your industry, and that are commonly searched for, which you haven’t used in your old texts. As your site develops, it’s range increases.

You used to conduct other activities, or these keywords were not popular. Add them to the material which you have created some time ago. Thanks to this you will have refreshed content, with a higher surge value, and with that comes being more presented as the search result. Google prefers updated and new content when compared with old and not refreshed content.

  1. Write comments as a guest

Using applications like SmiliarWeb, Semstorm, Semrush, Senuto, Majestic, Ahrefs, Find websites on a similar topic or in a similar field. Make contact with their administrator and offered to exchange guest comments with each other. Do this so-called outrage and looking for finding a reference point to your service.

  1. Accept guest comments

If you receive an offer of publishing somebody’s article on your website, agree to it. Especially, if the author is not your direct competition. This way you can reach new people and make your website content more interesting. Additionally, if they will be publishing texts of people with a reputation – your status will increase too.

This agreement carries with it many benefits, with minimal involvement.

  1. Release new products or services

A great way to attract new users to your company or site is to broaden the offer with new products or services. Use the trans and surprise. Remember, to use visual materials in your posts or description such as pictures or infographics. They attract the eyes and increase the reader’s involvement. Furthermore, and their alternative descriptions you can enter keywords, which influences the positioning of the site.

The network of popular Polish shops shares a great example of using the trend wave. A situation with the alleged writer – Cacao Deco Morreno they forged into marketing action. The joke was heard wide and far, thanks to which the profits of both brands increased.

You can become a tiger of your own fate. In fact, all you need to do is turn the negative effect of a campaign into a positive financial result.

  1. Create online courses

A wonderful opportunity of the Internet is publishing all kinds of content. While working on the site and what’s on it you should experiment with the form. For example, try creating online courses. They can have a positive effect on the number of visits to your site. Moreover, they can broaden the contact database which has a chance to translate and so kind of version rate.

Additionally: online courses can be located in places specifically designed for them, such as lynda.com. Thanks to being published and different places they can reach a higher number of potential clients.

  1. Insert Infographics

If you have a graphic designer on your team or you found one online, create a useful (and aesthetic!) graphic. They should tell a story and visualize your site’s content to the users. Thanks to infographics it is easier to understand the processes or present the data. In other words, they will widen the site’s range advertising it not only as an addition to the text.

However, that is not all: Google algorithms cannot autonomously read an infographic or a graphic. If you want to achieve results in SEO remember about alternative image descriptions.

Ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other platforms of social media R relatively cheap nowadays. Many of them give the option of campaign segmenting based on the demographics or directing according to the keywords. Behavioral data collected based on the user activities other sites is also used in the process. This allows us to reach people potentially interested in your services.

Additionally, with the use of social media, you can easily direct traffic to your site. To achieve that use the company profile, paid ads, and be active on related groups.

  1. Increase sales thanks to SEO long-tail keyword

The long tail is a phrase used to describe keywords that are relatively rarely searched. Generally, they are searched less than 50 times per month. But don’t forget that for such phrases you can get very good results. The competitiveness of these words is a lot smaller. Therefore you can easily present yourself in the first positions of the search.

SEO toolbox


Techniques and processes listed by us guarantee immediate results. Do not expect a sudden increase in the site traffic or a quick jump in the conversion rate. However, in the long run, it should bring you success. If you want to effectively position your site or mobile application, you should contact a media agency. Working specialists of such an agency can help you form a plan of action. Also, they will hint you that direction of the growth of your service.



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