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Search intent optimization: How to make the most of search results

Every day, billions of people use search engines to find products and services or simply discover answers to their questions. With a well-thought-out SEO strategy, you can get more leads and sell more products. However, in order to achieve that, you have to tick some boxes. One of the most important...

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Everything you need to know about SEO meta description length

If you take care of the positioning of your web page, you surely know there are many elements influencing your page’s visibility in Google search results. The on-page SEO elements comprise things like code optimization, title tags, meta description tags, and a whole list of additional HTML and...

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15 types of keywords in SEO

If you’ve ever had anything in common with search engine optimization, you surely understand the role that keywords play in SEO and Google Ads. But did you know that there are different types of keywords? And they all are valuable from a specific point of view. In this article, we will see how...

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What is keyword cannibalization and how to fix it?

The selection of relevant keywords is one of the crucial parts of an effective digital marketing strategy. Incorrect assignment of target keywords to multiple pages on your website can have a bad influence on SEO positioning and search engine rankings. Let’s check what keyword cannibalization is,...

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What is keyword stuffing and how to optimize your content?

There are several SEO tactics that, implemented correctly, will earn you greater visibility in search engines and traffic to your website. Some SEO tactics, however, are not so good and keyword stuffing is one such example. The concept of keywords is pretty simple. Search engines, like Google, use keywords...

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Seasonal keywords – how to rank them?

Whenever we talk about keywords it’s good to see if they are used by users seasonally. Seasonality of keywords is nothing but increased searches during a specific period of time. This can be very important when planning your SEO efforts – some phrases have variable competitive environments.Types...

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