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11 tools for effective website analysis for SEO

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What is an SEO audit?

Before we talk about the importance of an SEO audit for the website functioning on the Internet and about the tools with which you can do so, we will answer the question of “what it actually is?”.

SEO audit is important for the website position in the Internet. It’s one of the basic processes of optimization. It should be a report of errors and ways to fix them. Auditing is analyzing the technical construction of a website and it’s visibility in the search engine. Mainly this means Google.

SEO audit – list of things to do

  1. an analysis of matching of specific elements of the site with SEO.
  2. an site optimization analysis, pointing out strong and weak points.
  3. designing recommendations to improve the optimization of specific elements.
  4. defining potential problems in adjusting the site according to the previously chosen course of improvements.

Finally, thanks to conducting an SEO audit, you will know what you should fix on the site in order to achieve the highest search results on a given key phrase. This is the fundament of SEO activity (positioning and optimization). It allows us to define how the site should look in the end and what work needs to be done. Remember that SEO is a constant process. If your goal is to maintain the position, this will be a project for months, maybe even years. Google specifications regularly change. That’s why an SEO audit needs to be repeated. We recommend doing it every 9 to 12 months. The frequency depends on the tempo of applying the changes.

Now you know what an audit is and how crutial it is in the SEO process. Finally, we will reveal a piece of the secret and present you 11 tools which we use in different configurations while checking our clients’ websites.

seo audit process

Google Search Console

As the name implies Google search console belongs to Google. This means that it knows best how the search engine views your site. With this tool, you will find out what is the index status of your site. Alos, how big is the traffic coming directly from the search engine and you will be able to analyze internal and external links. You can also access information about why specific tabs are not visible easily.

It is worth knowing another Google tool – PageSpeed Score. It is a ranking which lists the speed of a website’s functioning. The higher the result, the better. It assumes that a score above 85 is satisfying and the site is properly optimized.


It allows you to check the daily position of your site or your competitor’s in the Google search engine. Additionally, it allows cooperation on one project between the marketing agency, associates, and even clients.

SEO Majestic

This is one of the favourite applications of position specialists. The program allows checking links on the website and their sources. It allows also to verify the competition. Google also gives access to tools checking the hyperlinks however it is not as attractive. SEO Majestic Shows even 50% more links after the search.


Seoptimer is a Polish application checking the sites’ code. It informs of what has to be improved following the SEO technical aspects. The generated report is a list of suggested corrections to make, which can positively benefit the site.

Found SEO Audit Tool

The advantage of Found SEO Audit Tool Is that it returns the results a few seconds after entering a website that is being currently checked. The information which we acquire with this tool is not very detailed however, it is presented in a very clear form.

This tool informs us about elements needing adjustments, such as the header or meta scripts. Additionally, it shows the mistakes in the service following the SEO optimization. You can save the audit in the PDF format with this application.


MySiteAuditor is a tool worthy for big SEO agencies. It has a wide array of functionalities and is compatible with Google algorithms. Moreover, it scans the website for specific words and key phrases. It is also very helpful during the design of site creation strategies. The final document can be downloaded in PDF format or directly emailed.

Xenu Link Sleuth

Xenu is a tool which is popular in the SEO environment not by accident. It allows to clearly analyze the links, pictures, scripts, CSS styles and other elements. In addition, it defines the websites week elements thanks to which you can clearly pinpoint what needs to be corrected.

The only downsides of this application are lack of intuitive use, outdated interface and lack of updates. However, if you are patient enough in order to learn to operate this tool you will not regret it. Especially that it is free to use.


It is one of the most popular programs in Germany. The app delivers a large number of indicators of SEO for any domain. Above all, it doesn’t require any software installation. Sistrix works from the browser level.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

If you want to test the site under the angle of the most encountered SEO errors, then try the Screaming Frog SEO Spider. It assists auditing and is essential during checking large sites. It enhances the processing speed which in regular conditions could take hours or days.

This is a JavaScript-based application, it is very intuitive and easy to navigate. Another advantage of this application is that it allows transferring all the data to Excel for further analysis.


The most interesting advantage of Kwfinder is the keywordswith a long tail search analysis. It even finds those which our competition has missed in their process. This gives a visible advantage. It is relatively a bargain, with this price starting from around $13.00 per month.

seo analysis audit


The SEO audit is the 1st and most vital step in the process of positioning and optimization of your website. It gives a full image of the situation in which our website is and forms what corrections have to be applied. Additionally, it defines the direction of growth of the site itself. The more precisely the audit is done, the more work there will be to do with the service site. Thanks to that the effects will last longer.

To sum up, if you want to check your yourself in SEO, check to at least four of the tools. Try with Senuto, Google Search Console, SEO Majestic, and Screaming Frog SEO Spider, and then write to us if you still struggle with SEO.


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