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Good Ecommerce SEO Practices For Your Online Store

Ecommerce SEO is a complicated yet potent marketing method. It has the potential to place your monetised website high in search results and bring in unprecedented amounts of ready and eager-to-buy traffic. However, getting such large volumes of traffic does not come easy. Ecommerce SEO is a vague and... 

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The ultimate guide to PrestaShop SEO [5 tips and strategies]

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become an integral component of operating a successful Ecommerce. Search consoles, like Google, act as a middleman between potential customers and your PrestaShop store. Navigating this tricky field can be daunting, even if you are an established player on the market.... 

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How To Improve Core Web Vitals And Keep Your Site Ranking

Are you trying to improve your Core Web Vitals after hearing that phrase mentioned elsewhere? Are you not sure exactly what it means, or are you perhaps worried that your site’s SEO performance will suffer due to something you don’t understand? Fear not. Core Web Vitals are three simple metrics... 

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Blog SEO – tips for boosting your rank in SERPs

Blogs have been around the internet for over 20 years. However, their role has completely changed since the days they were a form of a public diary. Currently, blogs can be divided into those written by bloggers and companies. While writing a personal journal can be a goal itself, maintaining a company... 

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SEO process – how does it look like?

Starting the adventure with your own website is like preparing for a marathon – what matters is the daily training and perseverance. Only self-discipline and consistent action will help you work out your success. Once you reach it, you can’t stop exercising because you’ll lose shape. Likewise... 

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How to rank your WordPress website?

WordPress is a very accessible and powerful CMS. Not surprisingly, it is very often used to build websites – including professional company websites and online stores, leaving other CMSs far behind. WordPress also makes SEO very easy, although of course, it won’t do it for us. So how can I do... 

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