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International SEO

Grow your business globally, find new customers abroad, and cater to them in their language.


Would you like to expand your business into niche markets and cater to customers in their language? Or maybe your company wants to expand its horizons and sell all over the world, rather than just in your home market? And what if your company already has regional offices and operates in several different languages? If the answer to one of these questions is “yes”, you should try SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization is and is the most reliable and cost-effective way to grow your brand locally, domestically, and internationally.

Our International SEO Services can help your small or medium-sized company, agency, or online store grow its presence worldwide and rank in several markets.

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We specialize in taking your brand from the local market and placing it high in Google’s organic search results in international markets. Our International SEO services are an effective way to grow your brand’s international notoriety and are the cornerstone of your plans to expand internationally. Having developed and executed a wide range of international SEO projects for all industries, we know what it takes to effectively use Google to help your brand build its organic presence and convert that into revenue.

What is an International SEO?

International SEO is the process of increasing your business’s organic traffic and visibility in Google in specific countries. International SEO helps you grow and expand in particular countries or generally improve your overall presence in every country.

An international SEO strategy contains a comprehensive range of services that complement each other to make Google push your brand, products, and services higher in Google.

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SEO Audits

An SEO Audit is the foundation of a practical but also sustainable SEO strategy. While there are a wide range of ‘general’ SEO best practices that can be applied to almost any website, International SEO requires a plan built specifically for your business, your product or service, the industry, and the countries you wish to expand.

To precisely establish what needs to be done, we start with an extensive SEO audit. This audit helps all parties understand the current health and strength of your website’s SEO profile, and then plan a strategy to see the most significant wins as soon as possible and ensure the longevity of these wins.

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Technical SEO Audits

One of the most complex yet useful elements of an international SEO strategy is technical SEO. A technical SEO audit builds a clear and concise understanding of your site’s structure, hierarchy, and how Google crawls your website. All these elements combine to ensure that Google crawls and indexes your site in the most effective manner and that users can also find their way around your website and get the information they need as smoothly as possible.

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Web positioning

Every region, industry, and keyword that’s relevant to your brand is different. In Google, your home market may be dominated by giant corporations with an endless budget, but that same market in another country may have no competition at all. Web positioning helps us understand which regions create the most opportunity and challenges for your business’ international SEO plan. These findings then shape your overall global SEO strategy, ensuring that your business gets the most significant return after investing in international SEO.

Reports & consultations

SEO can be quite complicated and confusing to even the most seasoned marketer if they’ve not spent years in the industry. That’s why our International SEO service includes regular reports that are both in-depth but easy for you to see the outcomes and overall benefit to your business. As International SEO is sophisticated and a long-term strategy, it’s not uncommon for goals and objectives to change in the middle of a process. Plus, you may also have questions that come up at any time. That’s why we’re on hand to explain the details of your international SEO strategy or to listen to your change in goals, targets, and KPIs.


International SEO benefits

A well-planned and well-executed international SEO strategy has a wide range of benefits for your brand awareness and revenue.

Operate in several languages

By using an organic marketing strategy to help your brand gain exposure to international markets, you’re able to speak to them in their language — literally. By operating in several languages, you increase your chances of building trust and notoriety in that market. Speaking to a customer in their own language shows that you want to make it as easy as possible to use your product to solve their problem.

It’s great for people to know about your brand, but your international growth means nothing if it doesn’t affect your revenue. Speaking to a customer in their language makes it easier for every speaker of that language to interact with your brand and become a customer, rather than those that are lucky enough to speak your tongue as well as their own. This is how you take the first and most significant step to turn every international visitor into a customer.

Whether you want to use English, the world’s language, Mandarin, the most spoken language in the world, or a niche regional language, we—as Rank Higher Agency—can help you reach your international goals.

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Rank in several countries and globally

An international SEO strategy has many added benefits, and one of those is that you’ll gain traffic and notoriety in several countries, not just your targeted countries. For example, a German website will help you rank in Germany and Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg. A French website can help you gain recognition in continental Europe, French Canada, and over a dozen African countries. We can help you not only find the best regions and languages for your international SEO strategy but place your business in those markets, in those languages.

Suppose your business’s first language is English. In that case, an International SEO strategy can help your business grow in all other English-speaking countries and most other countries that use English as a second language. With an International SEO strategy, regardless of the region you decide to expand into, your brand’s name will be seen by more people, and your revenue bolstered by speaking to them in their language.

Build trust globally

When expanding into new parts of the world, it’s crucial to speak to customers in their own language. This doesn’t just mean a rough translation of your website but preferably using the right dialect, phrases, and tone of voice relevant to their culture and lifestyle. We don’t just translate your business but help tailor its marketing message to speakers of that language in the most effective and trustworthy way.

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