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Ecommerce SEO Services

Rank Higher Agency’s Ecommerce SEO services are a tailored-made marketing strategy to help your online store not just rank higher in Google but also bring in more traffic, leads, sales or other metrics vital to your brand.

Beginning with a comprehensive SEO Audit, our team of SEO experts build up a solid understanding of your website’s current health and integrity in Google’s eyes. From here, we create and execute an in-depth and effective ecommerce SEO strategy to help grow your business and dominate search results.

Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO specialists for your business

More and more businesses are turning to the internet to not only spread their brand name but rely on it to sell their product. With the surge in the popularity of ecommerce, it means that the online space is now just as busy as a shopping mall or market was in decades gone. But now, your business has to compete with giant ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Walmart. As well as taking the fight to the ecommerce giants, there’s more than likely competitors of a similar size to you in your niche. It’s not only a battle between you and the giants but also you and companies similar to you.

However, this is a battle that you can win. One of the best things about using organic marketing is that it puts your company in a position to take the fight up to the ecommerce giants. With the right ecommerce strategy, a small ma and pa store can compete with the likes of giant international corporations.

But the wins are not instant, and the battle can be long.

seo takes time

That is when it pays to use the expertise of Ecommerce SEO of a company like Rank Higher Agency. With many ecommerce SEO clients from many different niches, we know what it takes to get ahead in search engines, whether your competitors are giants or similar to yourself.

But there’s more to ranking high. Your online store exists to sell a product, and sending the best traffic from Google to your website is the best way to boost your sales. Whether you’re a stand-alone store selling white-label goods or a retailer with thousands of products selling in multiple online channels, Rank Higher Agency has the ecommerce SEO experience to help your brand reach the organic marketing goals that are most important to your brand.

Ecommerce SEO is unique

Search engine optimisation for online stores is similar to general SEO for blogs and other websites. But as true ecommerce SEO experts, we know precisely what needs to be done to get your online store ranking high, no matter how competitive your niche may be.

Your store will only make a profit if people visit your product pages and buy from you. This means that any copy used on your product page has a massive influence on a customer’s purchasing decisions. To stuff keywords into your copy or have an inefficient page design will only create more friction in the buying process.

This is the professional difference that Rank Higher Agency has. It’s great to rank higher in Google search, but if that lowers your conversion rate, then your business goals are only further away.

That’s why we work with other areas of your company, like design, UX and marketing, to create an SEO strategy that best serves your site and its current state, rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all approach. In this manner, we create a bespoke and genuinely customised ecommerce SEO strategy for your business and ensure that it gets results.

SEO Positioning – Rank Higher Agency

Ecommerce SEO strategy

To start optimizing your online store for maximum organic traffic, you need to identify what are weak and strong sides of your chosen ecommerce platform. The market is full of e-commerce plaftorms that let you personalize your store and optimize most SEO-sensitive fields. The most popular are (just to name a few):

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Wix
  • Adobe Commerce (FKA Magento)
  • BigCommerce
  • Prestashop
  • Squarespace
  • Shoper

There are of course many more. We are updating our blog with detailed guides for those platforms; for starters, you can read our guide to best practices when optimizing an Ecommerce store.

Starting with an ecommerce SEO audit

The first step of our bespoke SEO service is to perform a comprehensive SEO audit of your entire online store. This audit gives our SEO experts a complete overview of your site’s current health, organic performance, backlinks, and on-page characteristics.

We employ a complex suite of professional SEO tools to assess your existing traffic, as well as do our own manual research into your website’s performance. This strategy helps us build a broad picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your site and enables us to prioritise the more effective steps to take.

Quick small wins

Often referred to as ‘low hanging fruit’, the first steps are usually the biggest – but not always the hardest. Ecommerce SEO is a very complex marketing channel, and sometimes it’s easy to overlook even the most essential things that send positive signals to Google.

One of such quick wins would be using your product names filled with relevant keywords everywhere across your product pages: in title tags, meta description, in product description. Potential customers will more likely find a page that uses the keyword “nike huarache mens black size 11” six times rather than a page that uses this phrase only once.

Another quick win example would be having social media accounts in the name of your business on the most popular social media channels. It will tell Google that your ecommerce store is more than just a single website.

Other obvious example may come in the form of simply optimising the copy used on your site. One of the most common SEO mistakes is using a one keyword (often referred to as “main keyword”) too much on a page. In many cases, using the keyword less but more strategically can make an ecommerce store improve its ranking position for that search term, while still fulfilling search intent for the main keyword. This method is vital for your ‘money’ pages, and many ecommerce stores see an improvement in rankings and traffic and conversions simply by changing the copy on a product page.

seo success

Keyword strategy

Your Ecommerce SEO keyword strategy ties in very closely with your marketing strategy. Our SEO experts spend the time to get to know your content marketing strategy and create a keyword strategy for your ecommerce store that complements any other content strategy. This means there’s no chance of keyword cannibalism and that people land on the best possible page of your website after searching a term relevant to your business.

Perfecting the user intent behind a keyword is a difficult task. Simply asking yourself ‘what does someone want when they search this term’ is difficult to answer objectively when your business is involved. Luckily, the Rank Higher Agency experts have years of experience and a track record of working with many ecommerce brands to help them make the best decisions about keywords and their user intent for your online store.

This strategy is vital not just to grow your organic traffic but also to futureproof the growth and expansion of your ecommerce store.

Site structure

To improve your ecommerce SEO, your store must be laid out using the correct ecommerce site hierarchy. This ensures that users landing on your site can easily navigate their way around and find the information they want on your site as quickly and efficiently as possible. Furthermore, the correct ecommerce site hierarchy means that Google efficiently crawls your website. If Google can get to all pages of your website without encountering navigational problems, that means that people visiting your site can, too. As a result, Google will trust your site more and index it more regularly and more efficiently. This means that your site will appear higher in the search results and garner more traffic from Google.

Correct ecommerce site structure also helps your website rank for more keywords. Ensuring that both tags and categories are optimised for keywords relevant to the products that are in them means that your website will rank for more keywords and, again, bring in more traffic.

Link Building

Backlinking for ecommerce is usually a complicated process. Generally, this means reaching out to other websites and having them link to your site. It’s important to note that this is a significant ranking factor for Google. The more high-quality backlinks a site and a web page has, the more likely it is to rank higher in Google.

But there’s more to link building than just external links. Many SEO specialists throw on a large percentage of their monthly fee for link building. But many of these so-called specialists glance over the fact that the other type of link building is internal link building.

By updating existing content with links to your other pages, you send positive ranking signals to Google. Google sees that your site is easy to navigate and linked within itself, meaning that users can explore your website even more.

Rank Higher Agency spends the time getting to know your existing content and creating healthy, in-context links or creating quality content to foster more internal links.

We can simultaneously implement link-building activities for your site to increase the number of healthy, relevant and contextual external backlinks that point to your website.

Through a complex internal and external linking process, our SEO specialists can ensure that your online store is easy to navigate and will rank the best it can.

Content optimisation

One of the best ways to make your ecommerce store get more traffic is to optimise your content compared to the content that’s already in Google. Google makes the current top 10 search results rank there for a reason. Our SEO specialists spend the time assessing your site and the top 10 search results for keywords of vital importance to your brand. From there, we’re able to establish the difference between your content and the content of the top 10 search results. From here, we gather a more precise understanding of why the top 10 pages are ranking where they are and what your page has to do to compete for space there.

From this point, we’re able to fine-tune a strategy that’s tailor-made for your business, increasing the chances of its ranking and dominating your competitors for search traffic that converts into sales.

Technical SEO for ecommerce

As your site grows and has more products, as does the complexity of maintaining it. Ecommerce stores are prone to having some unique technical SEO problems, which, if left unfixed, can tarnish almost all other efforts at making your site rank.

From broken links to duplicate content, missing headers or slow page loading speeds, technical SEO for ecommerce stores is an often overlooked part of ecommerce SEO in general. Furthermore, it’s one of those tasks that are never really complete but more of an ongoing task.

Our experienced SEO professionals have the tools and experience needed to locate and solve the biggest existing technical SEO problems for your online store and the processes to implement that keep your site safe, secure and healthy as time goes on.

Indexing will be the most important thing in Ecommerce SEO in 2023

The first stage in identifying incomplete indexing is to know how many pages on your site should be indexed – we’ve talked a bit about the proper site structure, but this really is a must. On top of that, a number of issues can contribute to incomplete indexing (especially with larger ecommerce sites). Some of them are:

  • Duplicate or very similar content
  • No sitemap
  • Crawl errors
  • Multiple redirects
  • Poor internal linking (especially orphaned pages)
  • Large page payload

For most small and medium e comerrce stores, the go-to tool is Google Search Console. From there you can see what pages are not being indexed, be it because of redirects, wrong canonical tags, soft 404s or simply not enough crawl budget (which can be optimized with expert SEO knowledge). For bigger sites, we have special indexing tools that will ensure that each and every of your products is safe and sound in Google index.

SEO Audit

Ecommerce SEO blog strategy

It is also important to use link juice to your advantage; the best place for building internal linking profile is your blog. As a rule, you should write about your business (meaning products you’re selling). There are different types of content you can use to attract traffic to your site, and then leverage that traffic to increase your revenue. Examples of posts for your ecommerce blog would be rankings (TOP10 tablets to buy in 2023; TOP13 things to pack for your summer vacation etc.), benchmarks (Which gaming laptop is better? Which car is more cost-effective etc.), Q&As (What supplements are the best for cutting weight? What should you consider before arranging your japanese garden?), or testing products (you can also use influencers), for example; “We’ve tested the newest Samsung flip phone and THIS unfolded”.

Bespoke ecommerce SEO

Rank Higher Agency is an ecommerce SEO specialist that can take your product to more people. Whether you’re selling a single handmade product or millions of SKUs in a competitive market, we can help you stand out in Google and grow your business.

We spend the time to get to know your business and industry to take a comprehensive approach to get your site in the first results in Google.

Reach out to us to see how we can help your business grow.